It’s the start of a New Year …. New Resolutions
This year make a resolution that will protect the hearts of precious children.
Make YOUR New Year's Resolution to raise awareness for Kawasaki Disease.

January 26th is Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day
Join the Kawasaki Disease Foundation in raising awareness for
Kawasaki Disease from January 1st – 26th.
It’s so easy, this is one New Year’s Resolution that you can finally keep.

How you can raise awareness:

1. Go to

2. Share the webpage on social media, download the Kawasaki Disease Pamphlet and Posters and spread the word to family, friends, local community, and medical professionals

3. Be a part of the Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve Campaign by purchasing KD Awareness Day Apparel (coming soon).  Wear a heart on your sleeve on January 26th

4. Make a tax-deductible contribution to support the Foundation’s important awareness and support initiatives.

This year make a resolution that really makes a difference and help save precious lives.