If your child has had fever for at least five days, together with two or more of the symptoms above, ask your doctor whether he or she could have Kawasaki Disease.

January 26, 2018  Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day

It's officially 2018 which means Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day is just around the corner. 

Let’s all join together on this historical day to raise awareness and show support for all of those affected by simply wearing your   on your sleeve. Making a difference, protecting precious 's and saving lives has never been easier !!  

What you need to do: 

January 26th: Wear your  on your sleeve
Take a picture of you, your family, friends, co-workers, and local community wearing your heart on your sleeve and post it on social media with hashtag #kdheartonyoursleeve.  

How to get your  on your sleeve: 

Option 1)

Donate $26 or more! The first 50 people to donate will receive a free Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve pin/bandana & tattoo.  

Option 2)

Purchase a shirt via our KDDay page and show us how you wear your heart on your sleeve for KD by sharing your pictures wearing your shirt on our Twitter/Facebook or Instagram account using the #kdheartonyoursleeve.

Option 3) 
Get creative and have fun by creating your own heart to wear on your sleeve. 
Wear your  on your sleeve and together let’s show our support to all those affected while raising awareness across the world.