On April 3, 2011, Chef Nate Appleman succeeded in becoming "Chopped All-Stars" first champion, with his charity the Kawasaki Disease Foundation receiving $50,000!

Beginning in March, the Food Network began running "Chopped All-Stars," and pitched it as a five-part battle where chefs you know and love go head-to-head in the Chopped arena. A total of 16 different chefs competed, with each chef choosing charities to represent. The champion of the competition would win a $50,000 donation to their charity. Appleman's choice of the Kawasaki Disease Foundation was personal, as his son was diagnosed with KD last year, and was left with coronary aneurysms as a result.

The Kawasaki Disease Foundation was thrilled to establish this relationship with Appleman, who, in addition to competing on "Chopped All-Stars," has also competed on "The Next Iron Chef," was the 2007 James Beard Rising Star Chef award-winner and was recently hired by Chipotle to lead development of new menu items. The donation of the money from the competition will be, indeed game changing as Appleman stated after winning the competition. The donation will be earmarked for research, and will aid doctors who are currently working on a diagnostic test for KD.

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- The Kawasaki Disease Foundation is a national nonprofit organization of parents, patients, and medical professionals dedicated to advancing Kawasaki Disease issues. The Foundation focuses on awareness, support, and research in the area of Kawasaki Disease. The Foundation promotes early detection and treatment of Kawasaki Disease, and provides information and support for families through a nationwide telephone and e-mail help network. For more information, visit: